New Ownership

There has been a recent change in the ownership of some of the land and buildings formerly associated with MorningStar. Specifically, Mother Lodge, Gabriel’s Cabin, Rosewind (the large house built by Elise), the garage with loft, and Keefer Cabin (Julie’s original cabin) have all been purchased by sisters Laura Rowe and Krista Arendsen.  MorningStar, which continues to own Morning Glory, Kay Blue,  Raven’s Nest (the yurt), and Poustinia, along with 90 acres, is currently coordinating with Air And Sun Acres, the private enterprise developed by Laura and Krista, to schedule your retreat in either Mother Lodge or Gabriel’s.

Due to the non-profit status of MorningStar, finances must be accounted for separately.  For January through June 30, 2021 income will go directly to the previously mentioned owners.

When reserving a stay at Mother Lodge or Gabriel’s, previous MorningStar retreatants can take advantage of Air and Sun Acres’ offer of 15% off the Air And Sun Acres nightly fee every time you book! Please use the code MORNINGSTAR when making your booking on their website or mention the code when calling 734-210-7812.  Pricing for Mother Lodge and Gabriel’s is as follows: $70 per night per first guest and $50 per night for each additional guest ($59.50 per first guest; $42.50 per night for each additional guest – with the offered 15% MORNINGSTAR discount).

Stays at Morning Glory, Kay Blue, Raven’s Nest, and Poustinia continue to be $60 per night for the first person and $40 per night for each additional person, and can be reserved at the MorningStar Adventures website or by calling 231-884-2789.