The Land

The Land

Welcome to MorningStar

arial-treesMorningStar is located near LeRoy, Michigan, approximately one and a quarter hours north of Grand Rapids. We have 135 acres accessed through a half mile tunnel of pines and hardwoods. The whole piece of land is surrounded by a ring of trees encompassing what took 30 years to acquire. Our intent was to reunite the diverse parcels and hold them as a symbol of our sacred trust with nature, protecting her from common “management” practices other than collecting fallen trees for use in our wood burners or trimming back trail side trees.

We have sought to honor the land’s wisdom and the wisdom of the Spirit in all life as our intent so that MorningStar might be a place of healing toward wholistic integration with the Earth, with ourselves and with one another. Indeed, it is a place of healing for many seeking to “Listen to the heartbeat of creation which throbs with love for you”.

Native Americans once inhabited the land, and a native chief is buried near our location, according to LeRoy history.

The East Branch of the Hersey River, which is part of the Muskegon River Watershed, winds gently through the length of our land. It ever reminds us of the power of flow on our ever unwinding journey to the Heart of our wholeness of mind, body, soul and Spirit.

The forest consists of many types of trees: large old Maples, Beech, Black Cherry, Iron Wood, Birch, White and Red Pine, Spruce, Hemlock, and Cedar. In the spring, our forest has many wild flowers to enjoy, and in the warmer months it is cooler than in open lands.

There are approximately 3 miles of trails on the land, as well as access to the White Pine Biking and Hiking Trail which borders our land to the west. The White Pine Trail runs south to Grand Rapids and north to Cadillac. Our local, quiet rural roads also accommodate longer walks or runs.

The animals we have seen on the land are deer, bear (seldom), raccoon, porcupine, beaver, fox, coyote, owls, eagles, ravens, crows, pileated woodpeckers, blue heron, hawks, geese, cardinals, and a variety of song birds.

Our Cosmic Time Line Walk is a good way to get a perspective on the age of our planet, how long it took to bring the magnificence of what we behold into existence, and to remember that we have within us the very substance of what the stars are made of!

The MorningStar land and cabins are safe spaces to be who you are as they invite you to become ever more of your unique, whole Self as designed in the image of wholeness, just as the Earth is one whole interconnected gift.

The White Pine hiking and biking trail adjoins our land.

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Last night as the sun was setting
The Spirit gave me the gift of witnessing light in its many colors.
Yellow, orange, reds,
Leaves radiate against blue sky, wind chanting.
I felt joy in my soul
and laughter in my heart.

— Voice from a MorningStar Guest Journal