I Am
By Julie Keefer

One day this summer I went to the Boardman River canoeing and had a delicious afternoon floating and communing with Wild Love.  Here is what I experienced:

I am a big white cloud passing through the blue sky.

I am a green hedge of grass blowing in the wind.

I am a large white pine giving purchase to the great bald eagle.

I am a crumpled brown leaf floating lazily down the river.

I am a mother eagle calling out in protection of her young.

I am a tree stump above the water giving rise to new shoots of growth.

I am a turtle lifting its neck out of the rippling clear water.

I am a paddler paddling home amidst a holy family of loons.

I am a woman embedded in Wild Love.

As I come to know this Wild Love and that deep reflective meaning in all experience, I know who I am.